Speaker’s Corner with David Crombie

We are thrilled to announce the second session of Speaker’s Corner!

Join Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Heritage Champion and former Mayor of Toronto, David Crombie, for a new educational series of virtual talks focused on heritage, city planning, community involvement, education and the future of Toronto.
In each program, Crombie will engage with key players whose knowledge and expert perspective will inform us about current issues.

Join us on April 21st for the second session in the series: What the Pandemic has Taught Us About Education in Toronto.

Crombie’s guests will be Executive Director at People for Education, Annie Kidder and Dr. Prachi Srivastava, University of Western Ontario professor.

Speaker’s Corner with David Crombie will be hosted on the Zoom platform and registrants will be able to pose questions at the end of each program.

Stay tuned for the announcement of upcoming sessions!

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