York University Student Teacher Award

In 2022, the Foundation made a donation to York University to create and annual bursary for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education who are enrolled in the BEd program or the BA Educational Studies program. This bursary is to encourage the teaching of history, heritage and public education and to support the development of leaders in the teaching of Canadian history. Eligible students must demonstrate financial need and an interest in Canadian history or public education along with related teaching goals.

We are pleased to announce the award fro the 2022/23 academic year will go to Raven Lovering!

Raven Lovering is a teacher candidate at York University, completing her final year of studies. As a first-generation student, she is passionate about access to education and literacy which she hopes to apply in her future work teaching English and French. She cares deeply about centering storytelling in the classroom to unpack histories and help students find their voices. 

A big congratulations to Raven from the Foundation and Board!

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